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Benefits of Studying Abroad With EESA

Students who have studied abroad refer to it as a life-changing experience and one of the most rewarding things they have ever done. There are four main traits of study abroad alumni: they are culturally competent, many speak foreign languages and possess good communication skills and they develop their personality and have strong leadership ability.

Bandura, traditional Ukrainian instrument

Maryann B., Kent State University

Major: Russian Translation

"I gained a lot from living in Kharkiv, Ukraine. I am definitely far more independent, I already was but I didn’t realize how much I could grow by living in a different country. I feel like I know myself a lot better, which is different and not something you would expect. You realize what your priorities are, who you are and what exactly you want to do in life. If you can make things work in a different country, where you don’t have your bearings and everything is new then you can do pretty much anything, and that is very empowering."  

Below are the top ten reasons why students should include a semester abroad into their college career:

1) Study abroad is the easiest and most exciting way to learn a foreign language or perfect your knowledge.

2) Become more independent and self-confident: learn to adapt and succeed in a new environment

3) Make friends and meet people from around the world.

4) Break out of daily college routine and earn credits while travelling

5) Learn more about yourself and expand your worldview

6) Enhance the value of your degree.

7) Great addition to your resume: show potential employers that you are motivated and interested in taking on new challenges

8) Get to know another culture and see famous places first-hand

9) Improve your communication skills

10) Prepare yourself for a career in our increasingly interconnected world and economy

Benefits of Studying Abroad

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