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About EESA

Why Study Abroad with EESA?

Eastern European Study Abroad is the only study abroad provider that offers semester, academic year, summer, short term, volunteer and intensive language programs in Ukraine, and a variety of short-term programs in other European countries. EESA is the only program that will take you to 7 cities in Eastern and Central Europe in one semester. Classes are taught in English at one of the oldest European universities in the fields of economics, business, political science, history, sociology and cultural studies. Russian and Ukrainian languages are offered at any level. German and French languages are offered in the summer and on the individual basis. The host city for the semester program, Kharkiv, is one of the major scientific centers in Eastern Europe and is a scientific, educational and cultural center of Ukraine.

5 things to know about Eastern European Study Abroad


EESA is the most affordable program in Europe with exciting academic field trips to 7 great cities in 5 different countries. Classes are taught in English and intensive Russian language programs are available.


With EESA, students can study in 10 different cities of 8 European countries. Many programs are multi-city or include multi-country academic field trips. The semester's host city Kharkiv, Ukraine is a vibrant, modern city with over 30 universities, 7 theaters, plenty of cultural events, sports arenas, shopping malls, movie theaters and so much more!


Students in the EESA community receive strong support before, during and after the program. EESA's professional and knowledgable student advisors will guide you during the application process and work closely with your university to ensure that all the correct steps are taken to prepare for a successful and safe study abroad experience. When you arrive, you will be greeted by an EESA representative at the airport and from that point on, you will be supported by our on-site staff who are ready to help out in any way possible.

Cultural Immersion:

When you study abroad with EESA, plan to get the most out of your time abroad, inside and outside of classroom! Volunteering, visits to local schools to spend time with children, activities with local students, language speaking clubs, touring the Kharkiv region, attending theater, philharmonic, opera and ballet performances are only some of the events that are organized by the EESA on-site staff throughout the semester. Kharkiv is a city of “just the right size”: it’s not overwhelmingly large, but at the same time, it offers all the amenities you would expect in a city and endless opportunities to get involved in the community. You can stay as busy as you wish with extra-curricular activities, and EESA on-site staff is there to help you find what you’re looking for and connect you with the right people and organizations locally.

Our goal

EESA strives to deliver the highest level of academics, student safety, cultural immersion and the most fulfilling overall study abroad experience. After completing the EESA program, you will have a more sophisticated perspective on current world affairs and be more prepared for leading an exciting career.

Why study abroad with EESA

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